Stop the Fetish posting in Spook's

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There once was a time in the past where there was no such thing as an NSFW group for Spook's Spooky Shitshow, and during those times, people would post fetish posts and have fun with them. But then people complained, including the Zucc himself, and thus, the 18+ group was born. Since its inception, the NSFW posts were on the down low, and if any were posted, they went mainly ignored by everyone. However, a bunch of edgy 13 and 14 year olds have now decided "Let's just post fetish posts again because there's nothing wrong with that at all", and the moment people complain, explaining why it's wrong, the people complaining are the bad people. Which brings me on to the reason I'm writing this post:

We need to get rid of these fetish posts any way we can. Now, I have a couple of ideas how we could do this. First, we could make a rule saying "no fetish posting". Simple, right? That would be preferred. Second, we could ban the people posting this stuff and defending it. Again, simple, but I wouldn't want that to be the final option. And third (and this is only if the other options don't work), make the group 16+, stopping the 13 and 14 year olds who post this stuff like the edgelords they are from posting it again. However, that would be unfair on the under 16 members who are super nice, which I know there's a bunch of.

No matter what, we need to do something, and if we hit our goal, that will show that people want a change. And to anyone who wants to hate on this petition or hate me for it, please message me all your hate on Facebook so I can promptly block you. Thank you!

Your resident 2D/Peridot/Sarcasm Dad - Luke/Brandon