Sponsorship Funding Needs A Ambassador to support those who give .Change Texas giving

Sponsorship Funding Needs A Ambassador to support those who give .Change Texas giving

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Why this petition matters

Stand with Texas 1st Ambassador for Sponsorship funding. Protect those who gives generously. Support those new organizations and small businesses that makes a positive impact in our communities with high risks or poverty level. #StandWithTexasSponsorshipAmbassodor2022!. 

Texas along with states worldwide is in need of a program that connects sponsors and donor's with nonprofit organizations and small businesses that make a positive impact in our communities. The way we give now is usually threw the internet or online process and with very little in personal or personal connection. Texas is in need of a person who link sponsors and donor's together to reach out and get information on small organizations or businesses in need of funding or sponsorship this will allow an impact of improvement to a community as well as environmental change. In my research 60% of sponsors give to the same organization because of lack of information on new nonprofit organizations or businesses that really bring improvement to our communities. 70% of sponsors who want to donate don't because the thriving organizations are all they hear about and feel like giving is unrewarding and pointless. 85% of those that give are on a automatic pay system and become immune to not really getting the joy the want for being apart of change.

I am a Texas pioneer with a small nonprofit organization, I am Volunteer Captain for The City of Dallas Community Emergency Response team (CERT). Won 2021 Woman of Excellence Community Service Award. Activist for the Southern sector of Dallas Highland Hills community. Volunteer for many organizations in Dallas. Created The Fireman's Water Rehab Program after the 2021 Gas Explosion in South Dallas. Feed the homeless and street people of Texas and host a StopdaViolenceSolutionEvent! Free to the public every year. 

I am dedicated to connecting sponsors and donor's to organizations and businesses who lack funding and support for high risks communities and poverty level neighborhoods. Making sure every sponsor giving goal is accomplished and a sense of gratitude is extended. I will make sure every organization and business is transparent and meet the criteria set forth in new innovation for giving. My goal is to insure justice will prevail for those who seek fairness in making change. 

It is time to put a face with Sponsorship Funding. Because every Texans life is worthy of respect unbiased and compassionate care.

Sign this Petition to show Texas that you support new change in sponsorship and donation funding connection. Stand with QueenPrincess "Madelynne Rose" dedicated to equal justice in linking organizations to generous givers.


26 have signed. Let’s get to 50!