Stop Alan Jones promoting misogyny and violence towards women on-air.

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With the current social climate being one which has seen too many women fall victim to violent crimes, Alan Jones' recent on-air comments about NZ leader Jacinda Ardern highlight the ingrained aggressive and misogynistic culture that is ao problematic in Australian society today. A position of prominence within the Australian community is not void of responsibility. An apology does not remove the toxic sentiments from being promoted. Alan Jones understands this fact and uses it to his advantage. The only way to stop his vile attacks on the women of our society is by removing him from his position. 

Too many times has this man fallen under fire for his disgusting rhetoric. This one man is allowed to publicly incite anger and hatred towards prominent females within our community, and the community abroad. And while Alan Jones continues to broadcast, it is the public, and public figures, who face the consequences of the hate he has incited. This goes to the very core of the problems we face in western society when it comes to the ingrained misogyny, dominance, and aggression towards women, that Australia is trying, and desperately needing, to rid itself of.