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boycott and withdraw your support of the 2013 Perth Royal Show

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There will always be weird showbags that make you wonder what the creators were high on, but this year, the Jean Pierre Sancho Macaron 280 bag is for sale. It contains 24 foie gras. If you do not know what foie gras is, it is basically the livers of geese and ducks who were force-fed and fattened. It is extremely cruel, bizarre and horrifying. By French law, foie gras is defined as the liver of a duck or goose fattened by force-feeding corn with a gavage (a kind of feeding tube).

I call on animal lovers and those who hate animal cruelty to boycott the 2013 Perth Royal Show and sign this petition to pressure the sponsors in to withdrawing their support until the showbag is removed and future showbags like this are banned. Sponsors this year include IGA, Woodside, Commonwealth Bank, 92.9 radio station, iinet, Government of Western Australia (government sanctioned animal cruelty?), The West Australian newspaper, Nestlé/Peters, Channel 7, BHP Billiton, healthway, City Farmers and Gerry Gibbs Camera House. If we get enough signatures, I can send this petition to these organizations and get them to reconsider their support. I do not wish to deny my fellow West Australians their right to enjoy the Royal Show, but I at least want to see a cruelty-free Royal Show this year. perhaps if their sponsors pull support, they will think about what they put in their show bags in future. Force-feeding animals to fatten them up to eat is NOT OK.

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