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We ask that you terminate professional and financial relationships, and cease all payments for advertising to the Costa Rica Star.

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On or about January 12, 2014, the Costa Rica Star (,, et al.) intentionally published on its web site false and misleading information under the heading, “New Law in Costa Rica for Perpetual Tourists” and falsely credited to author, Marcel Evans. The article quoted a government source as saying that a new law would bar or restrict the entry of foreign citizens to Costa Rica.

Predictably the news report generated a massive outpouring of concern among the expat community, many of whom have homes, investments and family in Costa Rica. The false article came at a time when many people have experienced stress, and undergone considerable expense to regularize their status.

Subsequently, the editors of the Costa Rica Star later admitted that the article was a hoax, and was published, “to prove how misinformation online can cause problems“.  The Costa Rica Star made this statement by updating the text of its report. The article also carries a footer that states, “views and opinions shared within this article are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent those of The Costa Rica Star news network”.

The article was in fact an unattributed re-print of an earlier article that appeared on February 19, 2010, in another publication, A.M. Costa Rica, and under the same title and authored by Manuel Avendaño Arce. The original article came from statements made by then Director of Immigration, which may have reflected draft regulations or proposed law at that time.

Almost four years since the original article, actual immigration policy is substantially different from that proposed in the 2009 to 2010 time frame. Republishing this information, disguised as a current event is both disingenuous and harmful to the community of expats, their businesses and families in Costa Rica.

While the editors of Costa Rica Star claim no actual malice, and assert that their act of misinformation was done to educate and inform, we the petitioners think otherwise.

Further, we do not accept the disclaimer, and hold Costa Rica Star, its publishers and ultimately its sponsors responsible for unethical behavior.

Abusing public trust for financial gain represents a breach of the trust and confidence that the public, and ultimately consumers have in the people, companies and brands they trust.

Businesses and individuals that continue to associate with the Costa Rica Star, do so at the risk of damage to their professional integrity and the value of their brands.

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