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Sponsor an Impoverished Child: Get Your Free Information Kit


For poor children and their families, poverty is a place where there is a scarcity of hope, and an excess of fear. 

Affordable, healthy food is in short supply, while parasites and disease thrive. Six million children under the age of 5 die as a result of hunger and malnutrition every year.

With parents struggling to make ends meet on a few dollars a day, it is all too common for impoverished children to go to bed hungry. For many, education is considered a luxury. Lacking such things as school supplies or uniforms can keep a poor child from attending school. 

Oftentimes, medical and dental care is unavailable or difficult to access, let alone afford. Simple, preventive ailments like diarrhea can be deadly when you are a poor child. 

But with the support of sponsors, Children International is giving hundreds of thousands of children hope – and a chance to rise above their desperate circumstances and to live with dignity. 

Your free information kit explains how sponsoring a child impacts every aspect of his or her life:

-- Health: access to a doctor, dentist, vaccines and medicine

-- Education: uniforms and school supplies, tuition assistance, access to libraries and tutoring

-- Nutrition: malnutrition screenings, feeding programs, supplements and educational programs

-- Youth: peer education, leadership and vocational training, civic responsibility and scholarships

--  Community: clean-water, latrine and micro-enterprise projects

-- Family: household items, income-generation programs, educational opportunities and housing and home-repair assistance

More than 250,000 people worldwide are already sponsors – click “Sign” now and Children International will send you a free information kit that tells you how you can give a poor child a new chance at a better life. If you decide to become a sponsor, your gift will be only $22 a month.

I want to know how I can help an impoverished child receive health and dental care, educational support, nutritional screenings and assistance, clothing and shoes as well as other material benefits.

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