Stop religious extremist booth at Spokane Interstate Fair

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The right-wing extremists behind the Liberty State movement have been granted a booth at the Spokane Interstate Fair which opens in a few days on September 6th, 2019. The fair should be about winning ribbons, live music, rides, and regrettable food choices; not advancing an agenda affiliated with Christian Dominionism, misogyny, racism, and recruiting potential extremists willing to carry out armed revolution. A family friendly event in our community should not be a venue to normalize these efforts and fundraise for their execution. 

In recent days there has been a growing bipartisan outcry for Rep. Matt Shea, the legislator behind the Liberty State, to either step down or be removed from office for his activities and rhetoric. It’s not just Shea, there are other folks associated with this effort that are under FBI surveillance and related organizations that have been labeled as hate groups. We believe the Spokane community deserves a fun, family friendly fair without this brand of extremism and a willingness to call for “bloodshed.”

The Spokane Interstate Fair retains full authority on who is allowed to have a booth space. By signing this petition you are asking the Spokane Interstate Fair to do the right thing for the safety of our families and expressing your willingness to boycott the fair if necessary.


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