We are asking Spokane County to NOT approve preliminary short plat File #: SP-1611-17

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An application was submitted to the County regarding parcel #55204.0117 on 8/23/17. This short plat proposes to split the last remaining acre lot in our development of .78 - 1.24 acre homes into *six* small micro lots with a private lane accessing them. The new lot owner purchased in June of 2017 and is not a resident of our development. File # SP-1611-17

Those of us in the developments of Mica Ranchette, Mica View 1st Addition, Mica View 2nd Addition, Countryside Estates, etc. thrive as our homes and lots offer: 
- beautiful, spacious neighborhoods that have a cohesive and consistent feel
- low crime
- minimal traffic where our kids can bike in the streets and we can walk safely
- room to breathe and not be immediately next to another house

Most of us purchased our homes out in this specific are for the exact reasons above.  

Allowing this short plat to be approved is feared to lead to the following:
- OPENING "PANDORA'S BOX" - if one lot in our developments are allowed to do this, what is to stop additional.
- jeopardizing our home values due to a piecemeal feeling neighborhood with a wide spectrum of house size, lot size and value.
- possible increase in crime due to house proximity, increase in likelihood of homes being used as rental properties, and increasing number of vehicles needing to park on the streets
- reduced safety of our children and those walking/biking for quality of life recreation.  Increased (and un managed) traffic jeopardizes the safety of all pedestrians.  
- concerns that our sewer, water, and fire systems, etc are not capable of handling this increased density.  Just (1) single acre lot in the Mica Ranchette's development increases our house population by approx. 25% from 22 lots to 28.
- concerns about the increase in roof and pavement area (non permeable) and the management of rain water, storm water and snow removal and possibility of flooding.

We are asking Spokane County to NOT approve this preliminary short plat.  
File #: SP-1611-17
Parcel #: 55204.0117

Review Authority:  
Tom Vandervert, Planner
Spokane County Building and Planning Dept.
1026 W. Broadway Ave
Spokane, WA 99260-0220


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