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Allocate tiny home lots for mental health supportive housing

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The city of Spokane, WA is currently facing a housing crisis in which the vacancy rate is 2.9 percent as of December 2017, according to the Spokesman Review. To put that into perspective, for every 100 rental units in Spokane there are only two to three available. This is the situation for those who live without mental health disorders or co-occurring disorders. For those individuals, housing is even more difficult to find and also to maintain as rental companies are aware that at the first sign of trouble they can evict someone and another will be right behind to take the original renter's place. There are few if any places for people who struggle with mental illness to go, as Spokane has very limited supportive housing options. This means people are being discharged from mental health units back onto the streets. That's correct, people are being discharged from hospitals homeless! With limited housing and no supportive options there is nowhere for Spokane's mentally ill to go.

Currently, the City of Spokane is allocating lots throughout the city to be used to build tiny homes. These homes will increase housing density and provide new and better options for those wishing to live in Spokane. However, these are for the general population, and those with mental illness will have the same struggle with attempting to rent from property owners who are less than understanding, and will not be receiving services that can provide them with opportunities for improving their lives.

We are petitioning the Spokane City Planner to set aside a percentage of the lots intended for tiny home construction to be used by nonprofits to construct supportive housing communities for individuals with mental illness and co-occurring disorders. These communities will provide supportive services such as counselling, rehabilitation, and opportunities to access assistance with finding employment, as well as other services. Sign the petition! Together we can help Spokane's mentally ill to better their lives and return as productive members of our beautiful community!

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