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Nobody can fail to be moved by the pictures we have seen in the press this week. We have seen the horrific images of children washed up on beaches in Turkey, we have heard the stories of entire families torn apart by war and we have all witnessed the anguish of human beings forced to walk for thousands of miles in the hope of some safety from the terror they face. As this letter is written the Spiritualists’ National Union has publicly stood silently.  We hold our principles because they inspire us to action. When we say we believe in The Brotherhood of Man, we cannot sit back and do nothing. The Brotherhood of Man requires us to do more to help our fellow humans. The principle calls us to help all who need us. The refugees who find themselves stateless, terrified and hopeless require us to act now more than ever before. What can we do? More. We constantly hear that we are all Spirit, no matter what the colour of our skin, no matter where in the world we live, we are all joined together by the one common denominator. We are Spirit. It is time for the SNU to live this philosophy through action. All other religions have already began to organise their relief efforts. They have provided advice on how to help either financially or practically. Some have even gone further by deploying aid workers where they are most desperately needed. Community groups like ‘Calais Action’ have demonstrated that grass roots movements can do so much to relieve suffering. Sadly, as I write this the Spiritualist National Union have remained publicly silent to the growing humanitarian crisis. Friends, I am urging you as Spiritualists if these principles are what you build your life upon, then sign this letter so we can urge our Union to take action urgently. 350,000 people have already attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea risking their lives. 6,000 children have already arrived in Europe alone, exhausted and injured. We are Spiritualists and our core principles call us to action in protection of our brothers and sisters. I call on the Union to do more. To show leadership. To put into action the principles that we hold dear.

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