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Iberian Lynx spirithood

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The Iberian, or Spanish, Lynx is currently the most endangered wild cat species in the world.

In 1999, an estimated 1,100 lynx occurred in ten sub populations on the Iberian Peninsula. Between 1985 and 2001, their range declined by 87% and the number of breeding females dropped by more than 90%. By 2010, they existed in two small populations: 70-80 cats in the south of Andalusia and 170-180 individuals in the Sierra Morena (2010).

Their numbers were decimated by rapid habitat loss, with scrublands converted to agriculture and pine and eucalyptus plantations. Human development such as dams, highways and railways also encroached on their native habitat.

While losing their habitat, humans were also over-hunting the cats main prey species, the European rabbit. When a disease called myxomatosis struck the remaining rabbits, the cat population dropped dramatically.

The situation of the Iberian Lynx was so grave that it was the only felid species in which the costly and risky process of captive breeding and reintroduction was essential. The lynx is threatened by the collapse of its main prey, the European rabbit, whose population now numbers only about 5% of 1950 levels due mainly to the introduction of exotic diseases. In 2013 a new variant of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease arrived in Spain and by early 2014, 80-90% of the rabbits on the Iberian Peninsula had been wiped out.

This petition is to show spirithoods that there is interest in a lynx hood.

I also think they should do a promotion like they did with the polar bear on polar bear day seein as this is a critically endangered species.

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