Spire Regency Hospital - Give Stephanie Her Surgery She Paid For

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My name is Stephanie White & I am a post operative transsexual. In 2015 I handed over to the Spire Regency Hospital in Macclesfield for me a huge sum of money I had used from the sale of my home for my lifelong dream surgery of quoted facial feminization. Three years later I have my mouth left numb from nerve damage, a crooked bulbous nose, the lip lift not carried out but with stitches placed in my face to try to possibly trick me, a sloping chin, a lost tooth, jaw contouring also appearing not to be carried out, a surgeon who after taking my money told me I had a wrong shaped face, and a hospital that seemed to be working in partnership with him trying to stop me getting me back the surgery I paid for. This is my story & I am starting this petition to show the world what has happened to me and either get back what I paid for or bring these people to media justice.

In May 2015 I was admitted to the Spire Regency Macclesfield for what I thought would be my lifelong dream of a transsexual facial and gender freedom operation. It only took days from my operation for my face to begin swelling up horrifically and I was admitted to my local hospital as an emergency where a tooth was extracted to remove the facial infection. After some weeks I became aware that my nose & chin were crooked & I reported this to the surgeon who dismissed it as temporary post op swelling. However the situation has remained the same ever since.

Most shockingly with my lip lift, the stitches had dropped out after the procedure to leave what seemed nothing done underneath. The concept that stitches deliberately placed in my face by someone in front of a whole operating team of trusted Spire hospital staff to trick me an operation had taken place could surely not be possible (& would be criminal), but at this stage the surgeon made no written defence. Two years later a Birmingham medico legal expert was to state he also could not find any evidence of any change to my lips and thus any work carried out below these stitches.

Alarmingly numbness then began setting into my mouth & got worse. Medical sites stated urgent diagnosis and treatment were needed to prevent the condition becoming permanent. The surgeon strangely only requested an X Ray which both my Doctor and dentist advised was incorrect protocol and that I needed an MRI. Because the surgeons X-Ray unsurprisingly showed nothing I wrote to him in December quoting my concerns of how if not treated in time medical sites on the web showed this situation could become a life condition . He told me to stop reading google ! The loss of feeling continued to get worse.

The surgeon wrote with an offer to investigate the numbness but “privately” (ie to charge money) during my free guarantee period which his secretary quickly withdrew. He finally called me to Harley Street in December for “sensitivity testing”. Expecting state of the art equipment he just had a pin, asked me to close my eyes as he pricked my face which he then advised was my test completed. I was never ready for the revelation which as to then follow.

He advised the numbness could be due to a plate he had left in my mouth, potentially trapping the nerves. The plate had no further use – It surely needed to be removed to save my nerves but he would only be prepared to remove with payment of a four figure sum. He also told me he wasn’t prepared to “throw money” at an MRI my Doctor & others said I medically needed, but if I wanted to “I could”. He advised me instead to spend thousands of pounds with him on a facelift, this being the only way to see the benefit from his surgery. This assertion surprised me as I was not aware of any genetic woman in the world that looks like a man until she has a facelift. When I pulled my skin tight to demonstrate how the facial skeleton under the skin seemed to have no jaw contouring done to it at all, he angrily blamed the masseter muscle had got in the way during the operation, & that the problem was that I always had the wrong shaped face. All this should have been disclosed before the procedure and before he took my savings from my lost home

Why is this important?
I am devastated that a hospital of the Spires reputation has allowed a surgeon to practice in this way. All I want is the surgery I paid for because for a post-operative transsexual this is one of the most important procedures of its kind. Their recent offer of a report a solicitor has since shown me has the potential of legal bias in the hospitals favour. Nearly three weeks ago I just wrote to the hospital asking if they would allow me an appointment so they could look at my face & discuss potential for help, which at the time of this petition starting they have so far completely ignored. Every day I suffer so much with people misgendering me, my mouth with its numbness now surely for life, my mostly masculine square face I have to live with, a bulbous crooked nose, a lost tooth I can never get back, a sloping chin, a lip lift that not only seems not to have taken place but stitches placed in my face in what could even have been criminal deception, etc. All I want is the surgery that I agreed to have.

By signing this petition you are asking the Spire Hospital to meet me and end my near three year reign of torment and suffering and give me the surgery I desperately need for my gender freedom as a post op transsexual woman which was quoted and promised and which I have fully paid for.