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Spike Lee Must Change and Renounce His Confederate Name

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This week, ESPN took a brave stand against white supremacy and removed Asian-American sportscaster Robert Lee from calling a game because of the obviously tainted, racist nature of his name. Rightwing Nazis and racists have attacked ESPN's decision, which is to be expected. The last thing these bigots and lynchers want to see is corporations taking their civic responsibilities seriously. ESPN is to be commended for exhibiting genuine progressive values, and for putting the needs of people of color, many of whom are ESPN viewers, above PROFIT.

For his part, sportscaster Lee is also to be commended for agreeing to recuse himself. He obviously understands the negative, genocidal history of his name, and we hope that he goes further than just allowing himself to be taken off-air; we hope he legally changes his name so that he can get back to work doing what he obviously loves.

ESPN's bravery has served to highlight the fact that we must remove Confederate names not just from pedestals and monuments, but human beings as well. We, the undersigned, urge filmmaker Spike Lee, normally a reliable voice for progressive causes, to legally change his name (and that of his son). Spike Lee's full name is Shelton Jackson Lee. This name is an obvious dog-whistle to racists and white supremacists. Lee is, of course, the name of genocidal madman Robert E. Lee, who fought to preserve slavery. And Jackson? Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was Lee's second-in-command, another bloodthirsty RACIST who is just as much a hero to white supremacists as Lee. And Shelton? The Shelton Laurel massacre was one of the worst moments of the Civil War, as racist, barbaric Confederates under the command of LEE and JACKSON slaughtered innocent women, children, and the elderly because they opposed SLAVERY.

SHELTON was an atrocity committed by JACKSON and LEE. Shelton. Jackson. Lee. Spike's name is one long dog-whistle. It must end!

Sadly, Spike named his youngest son Jackson Lee, an incredibly ignorant act for such a supposedly anti-racist man.

Add your name to this petition. Demand that Spike and his son permanently remove their CONFEDERATE NAMES. Whatever names they choose to replace them with is not our business; we're not here to dictate how people should live their lives. But Spike's RACIST NAMES, and his son's RACIST NAMES, cause people of color harm. Their names equate violence. Spike and his son are perpetrating acts of violence by retaining those racist names, and all we are doing is DEFENDING OURSELVES by demanding that they cease their aggression against people of color everywhere.

Live up to your principles, Spike. But until you do, all people of color in the U.S. will boycott any film that carries your genocidal name, as director, producer, writer, or actor.

Do the right thing, Spike! Fight AGAINST hate, not alongside it.

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