Lottery system for rare Whiskey/Bourbon distribution in Utah

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The State of Utah needs to Change its unfair/discriminatory distribution policies!  An attempt was made to understand how the DEPARTMENT OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL (DABC) in Utah distributes its allotment of rare whiskey, specifically Pappy Van Winkle.  Terry Wood,, Public Information Officer, replied:

 “The Pappy was posted 9am the morning of the release, two hours before the stores open. By 9:30 people were beginning to line up. The Pappy sold out within an hour and was removed from the website. Those who really follow the Pappy check the website every morning. The site is updated every day. By only checking 2 or 3 times a week you would have missed it. I can assure you that we did not inform anyone in advance of the posting, not even the store personnel.  Better luck next time now that you know the system.”

Terry also stated:

“This year we did discuss the pros and cons of a lottery format for future releases.  However, found many of the customers we talked to preferred the system stay as is.  In fact, I have received several Thank You letters for doing such a well organized release this year.”

Of coarse those that benefited from the unfair system are going to be grateful and thankful. 

Like most working people in this state, there is no way that I could check the state website at 9am, drop what I am doing at work, drive to the specified store, park and be in line by 9:30am.  I would assume that task to be near impossible for the vast majority of the people in the state.  Clearly, this practice discriminates against the majority of the working populace in Utah.

 Therefore, we citizens of the State of Utah demand that the DABC change its practices for how rare whiskeys and bourbons are distributed in the state.  We implore the state to create a fair and equitable policy that does not discriminate against the majority of its population.  We would like to see either a continuous wait list or a lottery system in place for the distributions.


Wait list- Defined as an ongoing list where by one moves up the list until such time as they become eligible to make a purchase.  One may only be on the list in a single format.  A person can be replaced at the bottom of the list once they have had the opportunity to make a rare spirit purchase.


Lottery- This would be similar to big game hunting in the state.  An open period enrollment, one month, that allows those interested in signing up the opportunity to do so.  A random drawing would then be held based on the number of bottles available.  This would reset every year.  


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