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Block Scam

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Akshay Gupta started this petition to and

I came across around a year back and joined it hoping that I will be able to earn some money and support my family but soon this started turning into a nightmare.

I came to know the types of frauds committed by . I am sure many are facing the same issue and most of the people who are using the portal are financially weak and hence cant take legal action against them but I am sure that this petition will bring justice and together we can put a stop of this fraud and save millions of potential victims. 

Here are some tricks which FREELANCER.COM uses

1) Their conversion rates are more stingy than any other financial organisation in market. They earn a lot of money only during conversion. They dont even allow you to withdraw money without converting it into your local currency.

2) charges a flat monthly fees in which they give you a number of bids. Apart from this they charge you 10% of the project fees as soon as you accept a project regardless whether employer pays you in the end or not.

3) If things come to dispute ALWAYSSSSS support employer and they say that employer didnt like your work so he wont pay you. PS:- you are required to deliver work/website before asking for payment. 

Eg:- I worked for a client on freelancer and delivered all the requirements and everything but when I asked client for a payment he filed a dispute and just to go through the dispute process freelancer asked me to pay AUD 117 which I ended up paying as this project was worth AUD 2300. And in the end freelancer gave money back to the employer claiming that employer was not happy with the work which doesnt make sense.

4) In their USER AGREEMENT,  which noone reads, it says, "We may close, suspend or limit your access to your Account without reason. Without limiting the foregoing, we may close, suspend or limit your access to your Account"

This means than even if you dont do anything wrong can close your account. MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS CASE THEY DONT RETURN THE MONEY WHICH YOU HAD IN YOUR ACCOUNT.

Eg:- I posted a project on and bought a Recruiter Upgrade for AUD 29 in which they appoint a recruiting agent for your project who makes recommendation talks to freelancer's etc. But in my case the recruiter agent disappeared for 4 days and when I asked them for refund they suspended my account today saying that I am using unprofessional language. At this time I had a balance of USD 200+ in my account and have account receivables of approx USD 700

5) Another point in their USER AGREEMENT, "We reserve the right to suspend a User withdrawal request if the source of the funds is suspected to be fraudulent."

They commit a lot of fraud using this point as well. They claim anytime that they suspect the source of the funds and thus they are reversing the funds from your account. Even if you ask them for details they just say that due to privacy concerns they cant share anything.

6) WE are not entitled to any interest, or other earnings for funds that are in our Account. may receive interest on funds held by in their operating accounts (which may include funds in our Account) from financial institutions with whom they hold our operating accounts. Any such interest earned belongs to and they dont pay anything to user.

These are just a few points which I encountered. I am sure there are a million other freelancers just like me who were victimised just like me by FREELANCER.COM. 




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This petition had 43 supporters