Spelman College Deadline Extension & Demands

Spelman College Deadline Extension & Demands

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Why this petition matters

The deadline to submit payment to be eligible to enroll in the Fall 2022 semester is quickly approaching (July 30th, 2022), but the minimum balance requirements and current deadline are unreasonable considering the following facts:

  • Many scholarships begin dispersing their awards in late August and September.
  • Many students are misinformed about potential pros and cons to taking out loans.
  • Many students are confused about their cost of attendance/financial aid package
  • Many students feel they have not been able to get in proper contact with their financial aid official.
  • Many students have incurred additional costs related to travel and general preparation for move in.
  • Many students are confused about the payment plan offered by Spelman College and unsure of how to enroll. 

For these reasons, we demand the following: 


  1. Extend the deadline for meeting the minimum amount (14k) to enroll in the payment plan to October 31st, 2022.
    • If Demand #1 is not possible, reduce the minimum enrollment amount to a maximum of $7000.
  2. Allow students to temporarily deduct scholarship dollars from the remaining balance until the money is received or the October 31st deadline passes. 
    • Many students received outside scholarships which require a form of proof of enrollment to be awarded the funds. Allow students to enroll in classes and receive proof of enrollment to be awarded their scholarship. 
    • A letter demonstrating intent to be awarded a scholarship will be provided by the student or applicable organization. 


  1. Host a meeting prior to the fee deadline thoroughly explaining the loan options for students including but not limited to the following topics:
    • Unsubsidized loans
    • Subsidized loans
    • Parent PLUS loan
    • Third-Party loans (Sallie Mae, etc.)
    • Interest Rates
    • Payment Plan Monthly Breakdown + Enrollment Info
  2. All charges on the account balance page should be provided with an explanation of what is expressly provided.
  3. Miscellaneous or extraneous charges should be promptly removed. 
23 have signed. Let’s get to 25!