Speeding in Abbots Langley - Action for a SAFER Village

Speeding in Abbots Langley - Action for a SAFER Village

13 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kristina Allison

The speeding on Gallows Hill Lane and around Abbots Langley village has been increasing in recent years. Despite the police infrequently performing speed checks, this has had little-to-no impact on drivers passing through the village.

I would like to propose this matter is taken to the county councillor for Abbots Langley to request that safety measures are considered. 


The problems include:

  • Speeding (including lack of on-going enforcement)
  • Safety - for pedestrians, there are no safe or designated places to cross the road
  • Safety - for drivers from side roads
  • Noise and quality of life
  • Air quality


Potential road calming solutions could include:

  • Speed camera
  • Pedestrian crossings (designated at more than a single location)
  • Reduce speed limit to 20 MPH - throughout village and/or extend from the High Street
  • Vehicle passing places
  • Road signage
  • Width restrictions or speed humps


A map showing the location of every traffic accident can be found on this website - www.CrashMap.co.uk - SEARCH 'GALLOWS HILL LANE' > search for - ‘Gallows Hill Lane, Abbots Langley’ for information on ALL traffic incidents in the area.


A long-term and permanent action is needed and waiting for a fatality to take action is not acceptable - you have to live here to see that the situation is out of control.


Please sign this petition to support making Abbots Langley village safer for all.

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Signatures: 40Next Goal: 50
Support now