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Speed limits for Digswell

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I would like to solve the problem of speeding on our residential roads.
I live in Digswell and here, speeding affects everyone. It is a small community with a primary school and no speed limits.
There has been an accident on the road the school is on and I would not like there to be another one.
Even if you do not live in Digswell, I am sure you will agree with me that children should not be at risk on their way to school. One of the ways to ensure the safety of my community is by having speed limits on our roads. We can no longer leave it to chance that drivers would not speed through our village.
Please sign my petition calling on the authorities to impose speed limits on our roads.

I want everyone to feel safe and be safe on Digswell roads. I want kids to be safe. I want parents to know that their kids are safe on our roads. Please sign my petition and ask your friends and family to sign it too
Thank you.

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