sk9speed /Speed limit Altrincham Rd, Wilmslow, A538.

sk9speed /Speed limit Altrincham Rd, Wilmslow, A538.

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Nessa Chamberlain started this petition to Mark Goldsmith (Elected official at CEC) and

Afraid to cross Altrincham Road?

The speed limit on Altrincham Rd (A538) from Wilmslow to just past the roundabout at 'Waters' is 30 mph.  

Despite this, neighbours will be aware that cars, 4x4s, vans and HGVs frequently race along this stretch at speeds of 40mph, 50mph and faster.

A pedestrian crossing near the entrance to Lindow Common and King's Road is urgently needed. This is a residential area with many families with young children,  We also have a large elderly community in this area.

The provision of repeater speed limit signs is required so that drivers are clear about the speed limit and are encouraged to drive at a 'safe' speed. The use of permanent 'average speed' cameras, red road markings or anything else that would promote safety along this stretch of the road is long overdue. 

There is a primary school on this stretch and the Jim Evison playing field, which is busy all year. Specifically near the Jim Evison playing fields there is also a lack of pavement. Despite the pelican crossing, getting across the entrance to Mobberley Road is particularly dangerous. 

I have contacted CEC and have been told :

'The Highway Code states that “the presence of street lights generally means that there is a 30mph speed limit unless otherwise specified”. All motorists should be aware of this.'

This is such a dangerous stretch of road for pedestrians, children, the elderly and vulnerable people and I find this response unsatisfactory.  As elected officials, the Council members should have a clear goal to protect the safety and wellbeing of its residents, so why their reluctance to do so?

Not only is this stretch a risk to anyone who tries at their peril to cross it, it is also a high risk for cyclists and considerate drivers who try to keep within or around the speed limit and frequently experience road rage as a result. The noise and extra pollution being produced is another risk to our health.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!