Speed Bumps on Oak Knoll Ave, Pas in front McKinley Elementary, PUSD, RoseHS

Speed Bumps on Oak Knoll Ave, Pas in front McKinley Elementary, PUSD, RoseHS

November 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Debbie Tannenbaum


The 300-600 S. Oak Knoll Avenue block from Del Mar to California, in Pasadena holds McKinley Ave. Elementary School, Rose High School, the Pasadena Unified Administrative Offices, after school programs, residences, walkers and bikers. 

Cars travel too fast!!!!

Safety is our number one concern!

Parents park and walk across street to school. Kids walk across the street.

Cars, not wanting to get stuck going south on Lake from Del Mar will travel south along Oak knoll Ave. to avoid at least 3 stop-signals and a few crosswalks, cars parking along Lake District Shopping, traffic.

Sometimes cars travel along Oak Knoll Avenue as if it were a thoroughfare. ~40-60mph.

Yikes!!!!   It just takes one someone to get hurt or killed!

The same street, Oak Knoll Avenue, just south of California, and a residential block, has speed bumps. We need speed bumps north of California on this same street!

The way City of Pasadena works is that it has to go through the proper steps of counting cars, and car speeds during the day. Apparently the last company hired/fired by the city, only counted while students were being dropped off with no cars moving at all. Apparently, No other time was taken. 

Otherwise, the street is clear for motorists to avoid Lake and speed detour down Oak Knoll to California going towards the freeways, etc.

Safety is a priority for us all!

We just need to slow traffic down on this residential-schools-PUSD street!

Thank you for signing.

I'll submit a copy of this petition with this request for Speed Bumps on Oak Knoll Avenue at the next Pasadena Planning Commission meeting. One was scheduled for November 16, but canceled on November 10, 2022. 

Thank you for signing and commenting if you choose.

Please always be positive and respectful. Peace and Love all.


Debbie Tannenbaum


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Signatures: 19Next Goal: 25
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