Bring Spectrum internet to Turtle Creek community in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bring Spectrum internet to Turtle Creek community in Fort Worth, Texas.

May 4, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cheyenne Roznosky

Turtle Creek is a beautiful neighborhood in northwest Fort Worth, Texas. Full of friendly people and nice homes.

Currently Turtle Creek only has limited options for Internet and Cable TV service. The main provider, AT&T's Internet Service is slow and choppy to the point that it is nearly impossible at times to perform basic tasks such as using a streaming platform. I moved here back in 2018 and was shocked when I discovered my options were so limited and that Charter/Spectrum was unavailable in the area. I was told by the representative on the phone that the nearest line was approximately 500 feet from my house and that I had two options:


1. Call from time to time to see if the line had been extended to my area of the neighborhood.

2. Start a petition and try to get local support to show that an expansion of Spectrum into Turtle Creek could be potentially profitable to Spectrum.


I will note that I try to call once every 1-2 months and keep being told the same thing. If you're like me, you are sick of waiting for videos to buffer, waiting for pictures to download, or getting frustrated that you can't stream your favorite TV show without interruption.

If you agree and you would like to see some real competition in this neighborhood, then please sign this petition. The results will be passed on to the proper authorities in Spectrum. I was a Charter/Spectrum for 10 years, before moving into this neighborhood and never once had any issues with it.

We are NOT asking you to commit to changing. That is your choice when the time comes.
You are NOT committing to buy or sign up for anything at this time.
We are ONLY asking for more choices! Better choices. More choices spurn more competition. More competition churns out a better overall product for all of us.

I hope we can rally behind the cause and find a new way to improve our beautiful neighborhood. Thank you for your time.


Cheyenne Roznosky

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Signatures: 37Next Goal: 50
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