Stop violation of human rights for refugees in Bosnia Herzegovina

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Europe Must Act to Stop the Human Rights Violations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the 8th of September of 2020, I, Abdullah Khan, a registered asylum seeker in Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with other 100 migrants and refugees, beneficiaries of the refugee camp TRC Bira, was forcibly taken out of this camp by the bosnian police.

Without any previous notice, neither to us or to IOM (the organization running the camps) we were put in a bus without knowing where we are going and have been taken near the TRC Lipa.

When arriving there, police left us and we just stand outside the camp. We were told this Lipa camp had no place for me or for the other 100 people that arrived.

This camp is already full with more than one thousand residents, also doesn't have adequate conditions, as the accommodation is in tents and at night the temperature decreases as much as 8ºC now.

Where am I supposed to go now? Local police and authorities make me become a homeless without shelter and protection.

My rights as a human are being violated. Not only by the fact that I am legally registered in a refugee camp and the police forcibly moved me to another place, but also because the basic decent conditions are not being provided to us, refugees. Because the police constantly used force, violence and coercion. 

I demand being respected as a human being, I demand dignified living conditions, freedom of movement, protection and the end of harassment by the authorities.