Freedom for monsignor Agustín Cui Tai, bishop of Xuanhua!

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Please, sign our petition to demand justice. It will only take one minute. Your signature has already helped other Chinese prisoners.

Monsignor Agustín Cui Tai, another bishop victim of the lack of freedom of religion in China.

During several years, Monsignor Cui Tai had been often repressed due to his defense of the Catholic Church in China. He disappeared last April and his whereabouts are unknown.

Please sign to free Monsignor Agustín Cui Tai.

Hong Kong's Cardinal emeritus, Cardinal Zen, and the Justice & Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese calls for release of monsignor Cui Tai. They count on our support.

They are David and Goliath, but do you remember how the story ended?

His only crime was to refuse to accept the leadership of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, that does not recognize the autonomy of the Catholic Church and the Pope as its leader.

Monsignor Cui-Tai was reportedly taken away by Chinese authorities in mid-April. This fact violates the right to religious freedom under the International Bill of Human Rights and the Chinese Constitution itself, since the right to religious freedom has been formally included in it.

Monsignor Cui Tai's health has declined over the past years: he suffers from an acute gastritis, nervous exhaustion, giddiness, etc. We are very worried about him and that's why we are going to ask the UN Human Rights Council special rapporteur on freedom of religion to intercede with the Chinese government on Monsignor Cui Tai's behalf, so that the Chinese government:

1. Provides Monsignor Cui Tai with the medical assistance he needs.

2. Respects freedom of religion and releases Monsignor Cui Tai immediately.

3. Releases other priests and bishops that have been wrongfully arrested, like Bishop Su Zhizhi and priest Liu Honggen of the Baoding Diocese, in the Hebei province.

Monsignor Cui Tai needs you. Can you give him 1 minute?

Thank you so much for defending freedom of religion. Your effort means a lot. Please note, that in the past we were able to help other priests in this situation, like Monsignor Ma Daqin. Monsignor Cui Tai is not alone.

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