Special carryover exam for 2017

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Thousands of students are waiting for special carry over examination .There are several reasons behind this .

One chance should be given to every fail student .

Students having PCP status were unable to clear their exam during semester .Even though they are promoted to next year how will they manage to clear their previous year paper along with their semester paper.

There used to be mercy paper every year  for final year students .But without any information if this year there won't be carry paper , they will suffer a lot .many students will sacrifice their job .

40 marks grace rule or SCOP rule doesn't make any difference to many students because many students got less than 15 marks and many have carry paper in more than 2 to 3 subjects where 40 marks is insufficient .

So special carry over exam is a must .

It's necessary to conduct scop for passout pcp student of 2017.