Petition Closed

We vendors/ patrons of the dupont market fair want more then some dates-we want a weeky market


Letter to
The Church on 15th Street
Your views have been overwhelming!! You feel as we do that the Dupont Fair Market a"top shelf" market, a brand of its own so different of all the current markets in the tri-area.

From vendors to attendees you also made it crystal clear you want more steady dates, even as a every week market..

We are in discussions to do just that.. announcements on future dates will be announced shortly, however so strong is everyone's beliefs on this issue of a more steady market that many of you offered to sign a sheet expressing this view

The Dupont Market staff now feels that this could act a valuable tool in achieving this goal and could facilitate the process of us getting many more dates, not just some, at the very least.

Now its time that you can be heard on this matter, .take a moment and sign up now using this link wanting to be heard.

I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Church on 15th Street.

Commit to more dates with Dupont Mrkt Fair

For the future and survival of Dupont Mrkt Fair


Dupont Market Fair Staff