Revoking Bail of the accused in Jenny King's Murder #Femicide

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The bail of the man charged with the killing of Jenny King be revoked amd that he be taken into custody immediately and remain until the sentencing in his trial. 

The murder occured in Jenny's home.  The accused is her boyfriend of 8 months. Who is currently out on R2000.00 bail.

The autopsy confirms blunt force truama to the abdomen and that she died from internal bleeding.

He didn't get her help. 4 other people living on the property Instead He went home and updated his Facebook status saying: "Sweet Rose, The ugliest bitch I've ever met."

Which what the murdered woman drank. 

He did not comply with court orders to hand over his clothes from the night of the murder and waited weeks before handing in anything for analysis. 

We want to know why for such a serious crime and the current #Epidemic that our country is facing why the state did not wait for the autopsy report confirming cause of death. As with every other murder charge. 

The reaults came in on shortly after bail was granted. 

Jenny King did not deserve to die the way she did.

The grandmother and mother still had so much life to live.

 It was snuffed out at the hand of another, and that man is now free to harm other woman with very little consequences for his actions.