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Speaker of the Parliament of the House of Commons of Canada: Start Contempt of Parliament Charges against PM Stephen Harper of Canada

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Quotations from this letter has been but forward in a letter from the Chiefs of Ontario to Her Majesty the Queen of England; the following quotations are cited from said letter dated 20 December 2012.
“First Nations in Canada are under siege as a result of the draconian legislative and policy measures of the federal government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper”. “The grass roots movement Idle No More is now symbolized by the hunger strike of courageous Chief Theresa Spence from the Attawapiskat First Nation, in Ontario”.

“The special relationship between First Nations and the Crown was codified at the earliest possible juncture by the Royal Proclamation of October 7, 1763, issued by King George III.
the Royal Proclamation recognizes the independent sovereignty of First Nations as “Nations,” with whom the Monarch is “connected” and who live under the “protection” of the Monarch”. The Royal Proclamation declares and guarantees that First Nations “should not be molested or disturbed in the Possession” of their traditional Territories and Hunting Grounds. The resulting Treaties are international in nature and are based on the recognition of independent First Nation sovereignty”. (cited quotes from Chiefs of Ontario, Canada to Her Majesty the Queen of England 20 December 2012)

As such, we the petitioners believe that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has, and is acting in violation of the established treaties& abrogated Parlimentary proceedure; both in spirit and law, against the best interest of the Her Majesty the Queen of England, Canada and First Nations.  This is interference of Parliment and it's treaty obligations and that of Canada. Therefore:
We call upon you to call for Contempt of Parliament in an emergency meeting with particular agenda points:

1. Immediately meet and redress outstanding concerns with Chief Spence and appropriate Representatives of First Nations in constructive, committed and meaningful dialogue. To redress any and all issues outstanding with a firm resolution to solve First Nation’s Issues for all time

2. Put all possible measures in place to initiate and pursue Contempt of Parliament Charges against Prime Minister Stephen Harper with measures should include, but not be limited to:

3. That Contempt of Parliament Charges be leveled against Prime Minister Harper, any agents members of Parliament government agencies et al, that seek to undermine the Treaties between the Crown and First Nations.

4. Refuse and repeal C-45 as legislation.

5. A moratorium on all bills the violate treaties between the Crown and that of First Nations.

4. A moratorium on present and all future bills legislation or any law, ordinance, rule, statue or any instrument that will directly or indirectly; overtly or covertly, breach, violate impede, or in any manner treaties between the Crown and First Nations. This in the interest of First Nations and Canadians as a whole, to whom should benefit from the utilization of Canada’s Resources.

6.. An immediate FULL enforcement of treaties which exist with First Nations .

7. Initiate and establish appropriate laws, ordinances and statutes that will embody in law, the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

8. Denounce FOR ALL TIME, all talk and actions that undermine the rights of First Nations and those of all Canadians


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