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Hold A Hearing On A Federal Anti-Bullying Law

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As the founder of America's "Monster March Against Bullying, I have personally written the bullied suicide obituaries of more than 130 American teens who- -since 2009- -have jumped off bridges into rush hour traffic or into deadly waters. Kids who've thrown themselves in front of cars, buses, trains or an 18-wheeler. Children who've overdosed, stabbed, hanged or shot themselves to death to escape the pain of bullying. In each of these tragedies, the dead child's family and friends suffer inconsolable and permanent heartbreak. In recent cases, 14-year old, Angel Green’s, bullies took a photo of her hanging dead from a tree and posted the photo onto Facebook. Thirteen year old, Devin Brown’s, bullies threatened a “gang-jumping” because he’d “snitched.” Devin had reported to his school that a girl had just shown him the butcher knife with which she’d told him, “I’m going to stab my teacher in 3rd period.” American bullied teens are now killing themselves at average rate of one bullied suicide per week. Congress needs to hear our families’ stories. It also needs to hear our brave and tormented teens describe the pathology of bullying that results in suicide and the missing of school each year by 160,000 American teenagers.

We know that even the laws we’ve helped states pass hardly deter bullying. Not when many don't include consequences, schools escape responsibility, social networks remain legally shielded from accountability and law enforcement too quickly discount bullying as a cause before they've taken the time we know it takes to investigate. When state lawmakers refuse to view our real life examples of bullying we’ve pulled from the most offensive- -and teen popular- -social networks, explaining the evidence is, “too raw and vulgar” for adults to watch…it is time for awakening and action.

By signing this petition, I support a Congressional Hearing featuring bullied families and teenagers, which will result in a well-defined federal law that actually prevents bullying. I also support “The Monster March Against Bullying,” which is a nationwide march in Washington DC with simultaneous marches in each state of bullied suicide loss on Saturday, October 12th, 2013. This massive march will include a vigil, speeches and unprecedented creativity to honor our bullied teenagers, families and our courageous crusaders.


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