Stop accidents - Bloodshed on roads - install GPS trackers for PSVs, Buses & Taxis.

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Speed governor devices have failed us in Uganda because the devices are not intelligent enough, to self dignonize or report when faulty or tampered with, so the bonanza of overspeeding continues.

Buses and commuter taxis ramming into each other at high speed. A blood bath one too many, especially these days.

Let them use smarter devices already, e.g. digital speed delimiters or simple GPS trackers. These can report via the phone GSM network the actual vehicle speed at any loction, with On/off device working status, with automatic overspeeding alerts to a police command centre. 

In China,  they are using these such devices for sharing bicycles. In Uganda we need to amend the relevant speed governor, road safety legislation in our laws in order to save more lives on the road.