People's vote of No-Confidence in UK Government

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Boris Johnson, PM of UK Government, has repeatedly misled the UK electorate, both before and after the General Election in December 2019, in respect of Brexit and the economic effects it will have on the Community as a whole.

He was elected on a Withdrawal Agreement (WA), which he signed himself and was supposedly "Oven Ready", requiring only the clarification of a few details. With 11 months transition time, this should have been possible.

After 6 months negotiations with the EU, little or no progress has been made. Indeed, the UK has repeatedly reneged on key elements of the WA and everything is pointing to a 'NoDeal' on 31.12.2020, when transition ends, together with the strong possibilty of legal action being taken by EU for breach of contract.

It is known, that £trillions have been wagered by Hedge Funds on UK leaving EU with 'NoDeal', thus making wealthy investors even wealthier. 

The effect on the UK populace will be drastic and include: joblosses - resulting from loss of the SingleMarket and lack of foreign investment; price increases - especially food - as the pound plummets.

Added to #Brexit disaster is the Government's mismanagement of the Corona pandemie, which has arguably caused 1000s of unnecessary deaths. The Prime Minister is ultimately responsible for his own actions, together with those of his Government.