We are a dedicated group, who have formed a petition to eradicate laws forbiding freedom of speech, not just in Europe, but across the world, where many governments have laws preventing people from speaking out against their state.We have begun this petition because people are being forced to live in prison, in terrible conditions because of what they said - which is abusing their human rights.


For information on more prisoners of conscience worldwide, please visit :


Many Thanks

DGS Citizenship

Letter to
President of the United Nations Human Rights Council Mr. Remigiusz Henczel
Secretary General of the Council of Europe Mr Thorbjørn Jagland
United Nations President of the General Assembly Mr. Vuk Jeremić
Please stop governments across the world from prosecuting people who speak out against their state. It is abusing their human rights. I (and many others) wish the prosecution of people who speak out to stop and laws forbidding freedom of speech to be eradicated.

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