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We need you to stand with us! We believe that defining broadband Internet as a Universal Service and supporting Net Neturality are vital to a healthy society.  We are asking our friends (artists, rural/urban activists, community workers and young people) to join us. 

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
As you may know, the FCC and your congressional colleagues are debating issues related to the National Broadband Plan and maintaining an open Internet. We are asking you to define broadband Internet as a Universal Service.

This means that the Universal Service Fund that was created to extend phone service to underserved communities would be expanded to include broadband Internet and mobile devices.

Universal broadband adoption and access is an essential first step, but it isn’t enough. We need our online networks to be protected by strong network neutrality rules. Real access to broadband Internet means that our networks are publicly accessible, affordable, and open.

These policy changes will lay the foundation for economic opportunity, educational access, increased democratic engagement, and improved representation in media for all people.

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