Petition Closed

Trapping and killing coyotes does not reduce their population. As long as there is habitat and a food source, more coyotes will return to the area. Leg-hold, Conibear and snare traps are cruel and dangerous and have no place in modern day society. Non-lethal options are available.

Letter to
Ontario Minister of Natural Resources Honourable Michael Gravelle
I am aware that the city of Cornwall, Ontario is asking the Ministry permission to trap and kill coyotes within their city limits after a dog was allegedly attacked. I strongly urge you to please REFUSE to give Cornwall permission to kill coyotes.

While I sympathize over the loss of a family pet, trapping and killing other dogs (coyotes) does nothing to address the situation.

Furthermore, giving approval to Cornwall to trap and kill coyotes sets a dangerous precedent for other wildlife. We need to encourage tolerance and support communities to choose and exhaust all non-lethal means necessary to co-exist with urban wildlife. Through investigations also must be conducted to expose and eliminate coyote attractants such as direct or indirect feeding.

Lastly, I believe that the use of Conibear, leghold and snare traps are not only cruel to animals, but they are dangerous to children and pets.

Thank you for considering my views.