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A little win and a lot of signatures ...

We're very excited to let you know that we've had some success regarding the original issue that prompted this petition - the clearing of native vegetation in Palmwoods. We received word from Council today that the developer in question was issued an Enforcement Notice and will now revegetate an additional 5m in the buffer zone that was bulldozed. This is significant progress. It demonstrates the power of speaking up for our trees. Never doubt that your voice counts. And ... we're also celebrating as we have over 1200 signatures on this petition!!! Thank you for adding your voice. We'd love your help to continue creating a sustainable future for our beautiful region - please share the petition with your networks. It would be amazing if we could get to 5000. Many thanks again for speaking for the trees. Mel & Pollyanna, Hinterland Alliance

Save Our Green Corridors - Hinterland Alliance
3 years ago