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Change Proxmity Laws Regarding Sex Offenders

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Speak is a non-profit organization founded by Jodi Aker Ball 2016. Our organization came together in the interest of changing existing laws regarding sexual predators and offenses against children. As a group it is our mission to help protect innocent children and ensure offenders receive due punishment. 

We are currently seeking to change the Virginia law which deals with the rules and regulations prohibiting proximity to children.

Per the current bill " 18.2-370.2. Sex offenses prohibiting proximity to children; penalty" only those whom are convicted after July 2006 must comply. This rule is a complete travesty any offender regardless of conviction date should be mandated to comply with rules regarding proxmity! Furthermore the law states those convicted are only restricted to a 100 foot proxmity thus giving predators the ability to watch innocent children and possibly begin grooming for future offenses. 

It is our mission to change the bill so that any persons convicted of sexual crimes against children must abide by the proximity rule regardless of conviction date. Meaning all offerenders past and present would no longer has easy access to reoffend.

We are also fighting to change the proximity of 100 feet to 500 feet thus protecting children against offenders who may begin grooming. Did you know a football field is 360 feet in length? According to our current law offenders can be less then a third of the length of the football field in proxmity to any child! Scary right?! So as a community it is our responsibility to preserve and protect the innocence of our future generations. Please help us make this a reality! Sign the petition and let our state, congress, community know we will no longer stand by while innocent lives are ruined!

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