Bring Marley home

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Marley was adopted by her family late fall 2018. On Christmas Day 2018 Marley was clearly not feeling great, Julie, her owner brought her to the DMV 24h emergency vet who then quoted her a few thousand dollars to treat Marley. This family did not have the funds, but was not even given the time to find money (fundraising etc). They told Julie that since she could not afford the treatment, it would be humaine to euthanize Marley. As Julie prepared for the worst, they came back and told her she could surrender her puppy to a rescue who would cover the costs and later adopt Marley out. Julie had no choice. Marley deserves a chance at life. She signed her rights over and left with nothing but Marleys blanket. 

The SPCA Ouest was contacted and immediately posted to their Facebook page that Marley was “abandoned” and they needed to raise money to treat Parvo. A GoFundMe page was then started to raise funds for Julie to get Marley back and pay for treatment. Instead, the DMV and SPCAOuest racked up a bill of 14,000$ and wouldn’t not let Julie collect the money to pay the bills and get Marley. The money from the GoFundMe was returned to the donors. 

Eventually the SPCAOuest posted that Marley was ready for adoption and there would be an application/choosing process. Julie and her family got up and went to apply to adopt their baby. They got to see Marley for the first time in two months, a beautiful moment they caught on video. It’s clear Marley belongs with them. As they were leaving, Julie’s husband put his hand out to shake the owner of SPCAOuest hand, and say that it would be in everyone’s best interest to let Marley come home. The owner then accused him of threatening him as he pushed Julie’s daughter out of the way to get to her husband. Police were involved, Julie’s husband released, and her daughter pressing charges against Rémi (The SPCAOuest owner). 

All to say, 14,000$ is outrageous especially for Parvo, something smells fishy, why couldn’t they give Julie the time to collect the funds to treat Marley or to pay the SPCAO back and take Marley home. Please sign and help us get Marley back to her real family ... Julie and her family! 

Lets come together as a community and help this dog and family out!