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Stop Supporting SeaWorld

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After adopting an animal companion from the shelter, I was sent two tickets to take a trip to SeaWorld and I was shocked. The SPCA is an organization that focuses on animals and treating them compassionately; an organization that fights against animal cruelty. Supporting SeaWorld is extremely hypocritical. Taking part in their "Happy Tails" campaign is ridiculous! Giving away SeaWorld tickets as an incentive to adopt an animal companion does not guarantee that the pet will be placed in a good home. Contrary, it guarantees that more people are going to SeaWorld. More time should be focus on finding good homes for these animals, rather than giving money to an institution that promotes animal cruelty, like SeaWorld.

SeaWorld is a cruel institution for animals. At SeaWorld animals are denied everything that is natural for them, they're cramped in tiny concrente pools and are forced to do tricks unnatural for them. There has been recent reports stating that around "32 orcas have died in captivity in SeaWorld's 3 parks".

The film "Blackfish" exposes all the behind the scenes cruelty taking place at SeaWorld. Whales like Tilikum are subjected to psysical injuries and psychological abberations, and deserve a better life then the one they live in SeaWorld. No animal should be deprived of what's entirely natural to them.

Animals in captivity deserve better, and need to be heard! With your support we can make this change happen!

SPCA if you really care about animals, stop supporting cruelty. You have a choice, you're either for the animals or you're not.

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