Ban shark fin in sg, ban eating of certain exotic animals worldwide.

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I have seen many videos on saving the sharks and have learnt that the number of deaths caused by sharks is not even close to a hundred. But the amount of deaths of sharks each year is over a million. At the rate of which the sharks are getting killed they may become extinct and will harm our eco system. Actually sharks do not attack randomly but only when threatened. They have different personalities as well. Help save the sharks! For those who love meat it's okay to eat meat but at least the whole world every single country should kill animals quickly without causing them pain this will be so much better instead of hearing the cries or the torture the animals suffer. I really hope this will change and animals sold for human entertainment will stop. Like key chains with live animals, zoos who torture animals to do tricks, circus, animal trade, animal cafes who neglect animals and animals used for human entertainment. I really hope this will stop and the world will change for the better!!! I hope animals will stop suffering and stop being killed in a cruel manner where they have to suffer and feel pain. I hope they will be saved from the dangers of the world and they will have freedom and be happy. You can eat meat just worldwide animals will killed in a quick manner without them feeling pain. I know I'm repeating but I really pray it changes to what I stated here. Please change the way animals are killed to no pain killings and stop eating exotic animals. Especially dogs