Help in getting OC to make Privy a legal society

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Friends, we live in a wonderful society. I say wonderful only because of you, the fellow resident, who has helped build social fabric required for living. However, as you may be aware, we are not legally allowed to live in our society as it has been found deficient as per government norms.

While we do not know the extent of deficiency (it may be as severe as structural etc.), however we do have to stand united to ensure these gets rectified. The ONLY cause I need your help in is to stand united in demanding OC from respected authorities.

There have been numerous other demands (Like compensation, repair, beautification), however I have full trust in our highly skilled & reputed fellow resident's ability to correct them in due course, only if, the society is legal. There are almost all the things that are negotiable in India, but Supreme courts ruling has made it clear that living without OC in a society is illegal.

A humble request to please stand united to get the OC.. Democracy has supreme powers and we'll effect the change!