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Petitioning Sheriff Chuck Wright Spartanburg Sheriff's Department and 16 others

Spartanburg Sheriff's Department: Reopen and Investigate the Crystal Lynn Freeman Case.

The finding by the Spartanburg Sheriff's Department do not add up based on evidence that was ignored, state of mind of the deceased and Justice is deserved to every death in truth finding, not ease of closing a case to quickly. Justice for ~CRYSTAL~

Letter to
Sheriff Chuck Wright Spartanburg Sheriff's Department
South Carolina State Senate
South Carolina State House
and 14 others
WSPA News Anchor Gordon Dill
Fox Carolina News News Anchor
Crime Victim's Ombudsman Debbie Depra Curtis
Spartanburg County Clerk of Court Hope Blackley
SC 7th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Barry Barnette
Spartanburg County Council District 6 Roger Nutt
Spartanburg County Council District 5 Dale Culbreth
Spartanburg County Council District 4 Jane Hall
Spartanburg County Council District 3 David Britt
Spartanburg County Council District 2 O'Neal Mintz
Spartanburg County Council District 1 Michael D Brown
Spartanburg County Council Jeffrey Horton
Spartanburg County Administrator Katherine Hubbard
South Carolina Governor
Reopen and investigate the Crystal Lynn Freeman Case. The many supporters of Crystal Lynn Freeman formally request her case to be reopened and investigated completely and thoroughly. Based on evidence that was not correctly handled or ignored, lack of basis of the deceased young ladies state of mind when she went missing, there is no supporting evidence of the current official ruling. This case was mishandled from the initial attempt to report Crystal missing, during the period where she was missing and how the events unfolded when her remains were located.

No life is so insignificant as to cause such a rush to dismiss evidence in order to quickly close a case. Crystal deserves TRUTH and PEACE. The community deserves TRUTH and PEACE.

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