Save Vie Bella's Patio

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Vie Bella is a lovely market and deli, located in Sparks Street Mall, a well-known Ottawa centretown street near multiple corporate and government buildings. This family-run and owned business, which supports four Ottawa families and their livelihood, has been serving the Ottawa community for over twelve years. Small businesses on this street include restaurants, small boutiques and shops, as well as fitness centres. The restaurants on this street thrive during peak business hours, and tend to close before 7 pm on weeknights. These businesses are able to survive due to the Ottawa festival season which runs from May to October every year, and includes Ottawa favourite festivals such as Poutine fest, Rib fest, Busker fest and Canada Day festivities. These occasions allow businesses to extend their service hours and cater to a higher population, allowing these businesses to recuperate ongoing losses throughout the low-season in Ottawa. Consequently, the unsupported potential cancellation of Vie Bella’s patio contract is a surefire financial hardship on Vie Bella. Please help us save our patio! We look forward to seeing you soon.