We want schengen visas to be postponed to later date after the pandemic finishes

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Dear interlocutors,

The pandemic (covid 19) has disrupted travel worldwide unlike anything that has ever been experienced before.

Many restrictions,flight bans and unfortunately the pandemic makes us to stay at our homes. Because of this reasons, we can not use our deserved schengen visas.

As you know, taking schengen visa is not easy . Preparing papers that are needed, arranging time to apply consulates/centers and visa fees, all together requieres time and budget. Besides this, some of us could not take their monies from pre-paid reservations hotels.

In these hard times, we , as travel lovers kindly ask you to postpone our schengen visa times to a later date after the pandemic finishes. We believe this problem can be solved without making us aggrieved.


Thank you!