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Stop Discrimination Against Pit Bulls

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American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are being discriminated against in multiple cities, counties, and states across the nation. These loving and gentle breeds have a bad reputation due to a lack of knowledge when it comes to them and those alike.


I started this petition because of a scared, Pit Bull mix i found out on Taylor Street in Griffin Georgia not too long ago.

When I approached him he was very scared and would not allow anyone to come close enough to touch him . I noticed he had one eye and a few cigarette burns in his coat. He wasn't in the best shape, but i knew he deserved much better than what he had been shown in life . When people in the area saw what i was doing , they suggested i stop given that Pit Bulls have a reputation of being very aggressive , especially when skittish and abused. I knew this was just a myth and i wanted to prove them wrong . I spent 2 weeks of my time outside trying to get this poor misunderstood guy to come to me and trust me, along with a few others from the tire shops he had been roaming around for a few weeks. Finally, after days of trying to comfort him , he decided i was safe and allowed me to touch him.

 I searched for his owner frantically and even posted him up in groups with no luck. He never once snapped or growled at me and instead showed me a loving play bow. After seeing his loving behavior many people who were once afraid of the stereotype , were now amazed by what they saw . I knew he was sweet and that he needed a home, but him being a Pit Bull with no owner,  Spalding County instantly declared him dead . The lady from animal control said that they refuse to adopt out Pit Bulls nor would any of the rescues in the area take him. I was disheartened to find out that all my efforts to show this dog that not all people are bad , were for nothing because he couldn't be adopted even if he wanted to. If animal control picked him up, the owner that he did not have would have 7 short days to claim him or else he would be put down … Simply because he was born a Pit Bull. 

 What everyone needs to know about these dogs is that they have no interest in harming anyone ! They simply have a mission to protect and serve as a guardian for their families against intruders , and those who intend to cause harm.

A lot of people are basing their knowledge off of reports of aggression, but what they don't know is , Pit Bulls actually are NOT the most aggressive dog breed known to man . In fact , studies have shown that they don't even make the list of the top ten most aggressive breeds which are as followed 1. Dachshund 2. Chihuahua 3. Jack Russell Terrier 4. Pekinese 5. Shar Pei 6. Chow Chow 7.Shiba Inu 8. Papillon 9. American Cocker Spaniel 10. Shih Tzu .

Notice how none of the listed dogs are on any breed restriction lists and could all be given a second chance, while the Pit Bull seems to make almost ALL of them without even a first chance. This isn't because they're more prone to attack , this is simply because many attacks dished out by the smaller breeds listed go unreported given that such little dogs can't pack much of a punch . You're more likely to be attacked by a smaller dog (because of nepoleon complex) than you are a larger breed! And when a Pit Bull does attack 9 times out of 10 the attacks are provoked, while attacks by little dogs seem to be inflicted upon a pedestrian just simply walking down the street.

The temperament of these bully dogs is actually very high compared to most and it takes a lot to make them angry! I speak from experience when i say this given that i own a 3 year old 85 pound American Bully who plays great with other people and puppies! He has an outstanding temperament given that his two best friends are two 45 pound, 8 month old, aussie puppies , which have a much higher energy level than him and LOVE to bite his face, ears, and mouth during play time WITHOUT being mauled in return. He simply rolls on his back and lets them play on while the Shih Tzu who lives with them won't allow them to even walk by without snapping or growling. 

However , even with the facts given I have had issues finding a places to live with my sweet boy along with thousands of other people just like me , with dogs just like him . I have received many hateful stares and comments about my big blue beast just because of his breed . 

If you or anyone you know has ever been discriminated against for race, ethnicity, or interests then you know how upsetting it can be to not be accepted. My dog and many others like him just want to live a long happy life with their families without being told where to do so. This is America, land of the free! Please sign this petition if you can relate or want justice for pit bulls ! 

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