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Stop discriminating against LGBTQ customers!

Spa World is a wonderful, relaxing Korean spa. However, their discriminatory policies are hateful and hurtful. Join me in demanding that they change their policies to allow patrons of all kinds to enjoy their spa...and in boycotting them until they do.


When the Better Business Bureau opened an investigation, Spa World representative Sang Lee wrote, “It is our policy to not accept any kinds of abnormal sexual oriented customers to our facility such as homosexuals, or transgender(s).”

The Spa World written reply goes on to say that the spa stands by this policy for the sake of young children who utilize the facility. “Also, for the safety and the comfort of young children at Spa World, we strongly forbid any abnormal sexual behaviors and orientation in our facility. Despite the controversial issue of homosexuality and transgender, it is our policy to not accept them,” Lee wrote.

This is offensive.

For more information on the spa's discrimination:

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Spa World
Stop discriminating against LGBTQ customers!

As customers of your business, we demand that you change your policies to allow our gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered friends to join us at your spa. Until then, we won't be enjoying your spa either. Your policies are harmful and hurtful both to individuals and to the greater Washington DC community, which has long been an accepting and inclusive area for LGBTQ people. I am offended by the remarks of Sang Lee and expect not only a policy change, but an apology.