Give justice to the elderly Tibetan man who was beaten by 12 local Indians

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on the night of 14th December, an elderly Tibetan civil servant was beaten mercilessly by a group of 12 local Indians and knocked him unconscious. He was on his way to pick up his wife who has a restaurant in Gangkyi, the headquarter of Central Tibetan  Administration. one of his legs was fractured and nasal bones were fractured also. his wife has given the no. of two vehicles in which those drunk local Indians were drinking in the compound of Central Tibetan Administration, and from CCTV footage, the incident can be seen clearly. as of now, it has been more than 3 days, those responsible haven't been punished other than filling an FIR. it would be easy to catch them by using Vehicle no. provided by the victim's wife and footage from CCTV. and also there have many incidents of local taxi drivers drinking in their parked Taxis at night in the compound of CTA and eve teasing passing women. so to have a peaceful coexistence in the future and bring justice to the innocent victim, those miscreants must be brought to justice.