Ban katie Hopkins from Social Media

Ban katie Hopkins from Social Media

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Jack Flavell started this petition to Twitter

Katie Hopkins, banned from social media. 

The far right are on the rise. Extremists such as Tommy Robinson have become public figure heads for the far right, both here in the U.K. and the United States. Portraying himself as telling “truths” but playing on people’s fears and demonising groups of people, spreading seeds of hatred and propaganda. 

“Former leader of the controversial English Defence League (EDL), he was sentenced to 13 months' imprisonment for contempt of court after publishing a Facebook Live video of defendants entering a law court. After his release, he was appointed as as a political advisor to the Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).” - Wikipedia 

In February 2019, he was banned from Facebook and Instagram for his misuse of these platforms. Please see

So what of the controversial Katie Hopkins? Once a journalist for the Daily Mail, Hopkins left the paper after referring to African migrants crossing the Mediterranean with “cockroaches” and calling for gunboats to stop migrants reaching their destination.

According to the Guardian, “Her weekly show on the radio station LBC was stopped after Hopkins posted a tweet about the Manchester Arena attack that called for a “final solution” for Muslims in Britain. It provoked a backlash on social media because of the phrase’s connections to the Holocaust...”.

Like Robinson, Hopkins now uses social media to continue her quest of dehumanising and demonising minority groups; such as Muslims, transgender people, and migrants. 

A tweet this week saw her place blame on migrants - “German family failed to pay its minor debts to the town, including a dog tax Officials seized the family pet, a pug called Edda, and her sold online for 750 euros ($854).NB: Migrants welfare payments in [Germany] will be 21 billion euros through till 2022. Nationals pay the price.”

I am calling upon Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to: 

1•review Katie Hopkins’ use of their platforms. 2•issue her with a formal warning                  and finally                                                 •issues her with a permanent ban

She continues to abuse a system that lets her post racist and transphobic attacks, that she then deletes, knowing they will be screenshotted, therefore using the system to spread hate speech whilst intentionally sidestepping the rules.

These ideologies have no place in today’s world. 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” - George Santayana

Please, sign and share this petition. Together we will end racism and hate. 


PLEASE VISIT THESE AMAZING ORGANISATIONS                             “Tell MAMA are a key partner in our work to address anti-Muslim hatred. They have developed initiatives to improve the reporting of anti-Muslim hatred, provided training for those who support victims and produced reports on the drivers and impact of anti-Muslim hatred, that have helped to inform Government policy.”                                    “Mermaids is passionate about supporting children, young people, and their families to achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity. We work to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people amongst professionals and the general public. We campaign for the recognition of gender dysphoria in young people and lobby for improvements in professional services.”•                               “It aims to bring people together, to stand with those affected by hate crime, to remember those we have lost, and support those who need our ongoing support.”

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!