Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for Children

Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for Children

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Southwestern Public Health-Dr. Joyce Lock and

Why this petition matters

Started by John Moylan

We request that the requirement for children to be vaccinated for Covid -19 as a requirement for entering sports arenas and other public facilities be discontinued as there is no provincial mandate for this.
As an alternative we request that a negative rapid Covid test taken at the door be accepted as a condition of entry.

This request is based on the following reasons and concerns:

1) Children are at extremely low risk for contracting or having serious health effects from Covid-19.

2) Participation in regular sports activities is very important for general health, fitness, socialization and mental health of children and should be of high priority.

3) The current vaccines have not undergone the same level of testing and monitoring for short term or long term effects that is typical of the approval of a new drug and that we expect from our health care system.

4)Numerous healthcare professionals have expressed concern with the new vaccines particularly for children and have been disciplined and suppressed for doing so.
5) We do not feel that exposing children to this unnecessary risk is acceptable.

6) If someone has a current negative covid test there should be no reason that they should be denied access to a public facility

53 have signed. Let’s get to 100!