Call to Action: Southwest PA MATP Advocacy

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  1. The legislators in Harrisburg have submitted pending  legislation in the rece to have the Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) will operate under a brokage system. This means that the funding  that is granted to the local transportation providers will be to a brokerage not based locally. This means riders will be forced to call the regional for profit broker to schedule a trip and not be transported by Freedom Transit, FACT, or Greene county transportation.
  2. When the legislation approved, all other shared rides programs will need to increased the fares due to the decreased riders on vehicles also used for the MATP riders. Providers will need to maintain the same operating cost to provide services. Fares for Seniors and people with disabilities will possibly increase. And rides to senior centers may no be longer free.Shared ride service hours and locations wil become more limited 
  3. We must act now and let Governor Wolf that this budget proceeds with this legislation it will have a definite impact on the people who need this transportation the most. So sign the petition now to stop and study the negative results it will have now and in the future.