Southwest Baptist Church: Remove the anti-gay sign on I-71

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African Americans did not get any rights until they had people speak out and fight for them. Women never had the right to vote, until they too had people speak out and fight for them. In this country we live in today you can't expect change without any effort on our part. We the people of this great nation must stand up for what we believe in, or nothing will ever change. Imagine the world today if we never stood up for what we wanted. We would be ruled by kings and queens and never experience the freedom we so richly deserve. There would be no voting system. We would simply be at the mercy of our rulers. We must voice our opinions to help make this a better world for us and our children, to stop hate crimes, and discrimination. We treat people the way we were taught to treat them. If it was said that being gay was normal and that gay people are just as equal as everyone else, the world would be a different place. Why must we live our lives with so much hate and discrimination? If we did away with it the world would be that much closer to being at peace. Without people speaking out saying it's wrong to treat gay people any differently then anyone else, or that they don't deserve the same rights as well, the world would not be as excepting as it is today. If you look back just fifty years ago openly gay couples were unheard of. There were more gay people being killed simply because they were gay. People are finally starting to realize that gay people are no different than anyone else, they just love differently. Just a few years ago it was only legal for gay people to get married in one state out of fifty, and now that number has grown pretty quickly. In time it will be surprising if it isn't legal in all fifty states. We have the gay activists to thank in large part to that. Americans are supposed to be created equal under one nation. And over many years, America has been finally making that statement true. Everyone needs their voices heard and through the gay activists the gay community is able to do just that.

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