Ground the 737 Max-8 Planes ASAP! (Southwest, American Airlines)

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On Saturday, a deadly crash involving a Boeing 737 Max-8 plane happened in Ethiopia, killing over 150 people. This comes after a crash in Indonesia in October, involving the same type of aircraft, killed 189 people. How many more deadly crashes have to happen before airlines take action?

Already several countries -- China, the UK, Ethiopia, and Indonesia -- have grounded all flights involving Boeing 737 Max-8 airplanes until further safety investigations happen. If these countries can do that, why can't Southwest Airlines and American Airlines take the same step? 

Please take action to call for these airlines to put passenger safety first. 

Please sign this petition to ground the 737 MAX-8 until Boeing and the FAA can investigate and provide an explanation as to why this plane is crashing. We do not need to risk anymore lives on these clearly defunct planes!